Experience the Sexy Side of Science™.

California-Tan-at-Beaches-and-Dreams-woodstockFounded in 1987, California Tan® has over 25 years of experience in the development of innovative, cutting-edge sun care products. Inspired by the carefree, sun-kissed lifestyle of the golden state, California Tan® sun care products have built a world renowned reputation and brand recognition synonymous with proven tanning technology and the positive effects of the sun. No other professional tanning company has such a rich legacy. No other company can provide you with the complete package.

We are the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor tanning products, combining advanced Colour Technology™ with premium skin care. No matter how you want to achieve your golden glow, we’ve got you covered.

California Tan products work in 3 steps: 1-Base, 2- Booster, 3-Moisturizer

If there’s a specific product you’re looking for, we’d be happy to order it in for you.  Here are a few of Beaches and Dreams most popular sellers from California Tan:



The Luxury Jet plane of tanning lotions lies inside. A true breakthrough in tanning technology, maximizing the skin’s tanning potential by unlocking the code that triggers melanin production.

  • Venti Sex (26) Bronzers release an optimized and sensual dark tanning power for extreme bronze colour
  • Delivers optimum skin rejuvenation and collagen production with advanced age-defying code of Cell Speak Complex
  • Imparts cellular actives that improve overall skin tone and appearance with a double-acting dose of In2Cell Complex
  • Builds a deeper, darker colour by unlocking the proteins essential to the colouration of melanin with
  • D-Cypher Complex



Type: Moisturizing Bronzer

Flaunt your bold, bronze, bare-it-all side and bask in the rich, skin nourishing hydration of Exposé™ Luxe Body Collection.

  • Reveals a perfect bronze glow with All Natural Bronzers that speed up dark results
  • Luscious Shea Butter delivers healthy skin-soothing benefits
  • CT-Protect™ shields skins youthful appearance with nutrients to prevent damage
  • Accelerate and build the ultimate golden colour with Vitatan™ 2010
  • Packed with anti-aging Nutrients to neutralize free radicals

MT_13_Black_Sexy_TanMatahari Black Sexy Tan

Type: Bronzer

  • Accelerate and build ultimately deep colour with Vitatan®
  • Remarkably Dark Bronzers cover your skin with beautiful, balanced colour to help you become a vision of sheer radiance
  • Black Pepper enhances colouring of the skin for added spice
  • Javanese Coffee ST Plus™ encourages firmer-looking skin
  • Jasmine, Patchouli, Jojoba and Avocado Oil establish unrestrained moisture and sexy smoothness


Type: Bronzer

An inimitable sense of style. A penchant for attracting admiring stares. Your body is a canvas, and what you’re putting on it is the deepest, darkest, most decadent tan imaginable.  Fashion is an expression of your identity, and you’ve memorized all the finer points of sexy.

  • Quartus Decimus (14) Bronzers create rich, dark colour
  • Recharge your tan with Energen, a complex that supplies rugged male skin the necessary energy to help prevent and combat the signs of aging
  • Possess flawless bronze colour with High Definition Tanning Technology
  • Achieve even, peak bronze performance standards with streak-free MelaPixel perfect colour technology
  • Maximize results and boost dark colour with Step 2 CuO2® and TRF 2010