For the Tan of Your Life, and the Life of Your Tan.

Australian Gold brand is the largest, most recognized and most purchased brand of indoor tanning lotions.  Formulas are based on Natural Science Skin Care Chemistry, meaning key ingredients are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest looking skin possible, so the tan you get is your own…naturally. Lotions are filled with advances antioxidant vitamin therapy, and plant-derived extracts for moisturizers.  The result: darker, longer-lasting, golden tans and healthy-looking skin.

If there’s a specific product you’re looking for, we’d be happy to order it in for you.  Here are a few of Beaches and Dreams most popular sellers from Australian Gold:

Shades of Summer

Type: Base Builder


Finally, a lotion that lasts as long as those amazing summer memories!  Show off gorgeous beach colour that will last days longer due to Marathon Color™ Technology.  An exceptional blend of DHA and Blue-Green Algae keeps that straight-off-the-beach dark colour sustained for picture perfect bronze perfection even in the dead of winter.  Take a mini-vacation with each trip to the tanning salon and keep that dark colour from fading with Shades of Summer™ all year round!

  • Instant Dark Bronzers: The perfect blend of natural bronzers for deep, dark, instant colour
  • Marathon Color™ Technology: Exclusive blend of DHA and Blue-Green Algae for longer-lasting bronze goodness
  • Beach Ready Skincare: Amazing skin-saving ingredients combine for rejuvenation making skin supple for a lasting glow
  • Moisturizers: Ultimate mix of Vitamins and moisturizing agents deliver irresistibly smooth skin
  • Get away with this Paradise Sunset fragrance


Dark D Light

Dark_D_LightType: Immediate Bronzer

Say goodbye to Dull, Dreary skin and say hello to Dark, Dramatic colour.  Saturate your pale and invigorate your soul with InstaDark™ Bronzers that provide instant Deep colour while Cloud Nine Complex invokes an all-over feel good experience.  Soulful Skincare moisturizes and protects for smooth, Decadent soft skin.  Go ahead, step into Dark D Light™!

  • InstaDark™ Bronzers: Special blend of natural bronzers with tan activators for immediate dark results and delayed developed colour
  • Vitamin Drink: Enriched with Vitamin A, E and ProVitamin D
  • Cloud Nine Complex: Phyto-endorphin blend that moisturizes and restores vitality and skin radiance while providing mood enhancing properties for a delightful tanning experience
  • Soulful Skincare: Aloe, Sunflower and Hemp Seed Oil lusciously moisturize for healthy, smooth dark perfection
  • Bask your skin in this Sexy Sun fragrance


Precious Metals

Type: Immediate and Delayed Bronzer

AG_Precious_MetalsBe prepared to rock out with immediate and delayed bronzed goodness.  Our NutriDark™ Bronzing Blend gets kicked up a notch with DHA, natural bronzers and our exclusive Mahakanni extract, for outrageously, decadent colour.  Skin-loving essential minerals, including Gold and Platinum Extracts, moisturize and recharge for a flawless radiant bronze hue and glowing younger-looking skin.  Show off that dark colour with Precious Metals™Bronzer.

  • Ultra NutriDark™ Bronzing Blend: Bio-engineered new technology combines DHA, Mahakanni Extract and natural bronzers for unprecedented deep, dark undeniable colour
  • Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals: 92 essential minerals, including Gold and Platinum, for a healthy-looking glow and visibly alluring appearance
  • TanFresh™ Blend: Eliminates after-tan odor using a combination of powerful odor inhibitors
  • Paraben Free
  • Step on stage with this Tropical Rockstar fragrance



Type: Base Builder

AG_HotHot!® Maximum Tanning Energy® combines native and omega oils and herbal extracts with pure aloe vera allowing your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows. Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E help moisturize and protect the skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Maximum Tanning Energy: Features ingredients known to enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture and promote, dark, long-lasting colour
  • Dark Tanning Omega Oils: Highest levels of Macadamia, KuKui, Olive and Tea Tree oils help to condition and moisturize the skin
  • Skincare: Liposomes amino acids deliver moisture for a deeper, darker colour
  • Antioxidants: Highest levels of Vitamins A, E, C & F provide age-defying, anti-wrinkle properties
  • Classic Australian Gold® fragrance – CocoDreams


G Gentleman Intensifier

Type: Base Builder 


Quench thirsty skin with Coconut Fruit Juice that revitalizes for smooth, touchable skin.  Melanin Enhancer gives natural colour for superior dark results.  CellActive® Complex is designed for men’s tough skin, making skin stronger and healthier for the deepest colour possible.  Our ColorGuard Tattoo Technology prevents tattoos from fading while also providing added moisturization.  Hydrate, intensify and protect for colour only a G could have!

  • Hydrating Coconut Water Base: Concentrated amount of Coconut Fruit Juice regenerates, revitalizes and softens for healthy, dark colour
  • Dark Intensifier: Unique melanin enahnacer intensifies for a golden hue
  • CellActive® Complex: Unique blend specifically formulated for tough male skin increases skin resilience while locking in moisture for longer-lasting hydration
  • ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology: The “Magic Herb”, Tiger Grass, is a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading
  • Drive the ladies crazy with this Rugged fragrance


Jwoww-productsJWOWW Lotions, Bronzers and Moisturizers:

We carry the full line of JWOWW products including bronzer lotions, moisturizers, tingles and tattoo colour protection.